What is SAP ERP and what is it used for?

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SAP ERP is an application produced by SAP SE CompSAP ERP is an application which is written with a programming language called ABAP and is offered by SAP SE company. SAP is specialized in providing IT-related services and solutions to big companies, multinational or international companies or industrial groups.

ERP per se stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and is the umbrella under which one finds different business processes such as the selling of products, the procurement, the inventory management, the accounting and many other processes similar to the ones just mentioned. The aim of this application is to help businesses plan their resources more efficiently and keep track and get details of every process at any time.

ERP system allows businesses to efficiently respond to day-to-day answers about the different processes that the company handles. This software not only has the capacity to handle a huge amount of data and present it in a user-friendly way, but also to present the data you are looking for both in detail and in a more general way. A typical problem of big companies is to register every move in detail and with the minimim errors possible: this is what SAP ERP allows for as well.

There are also some more specific cases in which SAP ERP can prove itself to be useful. For instance, when a company has growth plans and intends to support this an especially rapid growth SAP ERP is adopted. Also, when there is inability to meet the accounting deadlines such as closing the books or reporting revenues, SAP ERP comes useful too.

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